Moody Park Activator Profile – Vaun Mayes

Vaun photo

  Program The Parks MKE  In the summer of 2018, a large number of youth in the city of Milwaukee began congregating at Moody Park. Unable to utilize the totality of the youth space available at the park; violence broke out amongst the kids.  Multiple cars were reported stolen in the area, and clashes with […]

Moody Park Activator Profile – Barbara Thomas

People at tent stand

“My daughter really made me proud, and I’m just so proud of her.  Even when I thought she wasn’t listening she was.  Beyond what I expected, above and beyond.”  – Barbara Thomas on her daughter, Quanita “Tay” Jackson.   Quanita “Tay” Jackson’s Mom It takes an estimated 46 minutes for the average person to walk […]

Moody Park Activator – Elizabeth Brown

Group of people at the event

About Moody Park In 1982, The County Board of Supervisors in the city of Milwaukee renamed a park in the Amani Community neighborhood to Moody Park, after Calvin C Moody. Moody became one of the first African American’s to earn the title of detective in 1949 and also was a Milwaukee Police Officer for 25 […]

Moody Park Artist – Art Fu Yung aka Jamahl Turner

Art Fu Yung photo

“I truly believe at times when I’m working in my studio in my garage, that Tay is saying “keep going, keep working.”  – Jamahl Turner on being lead artist of the Moody Park Project.   Jamahl Turner & Art Fu Yung At the age of 15, Jamahl Turner set foot in the city of Milwaukee […]

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Al Jarreau Park 2023

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