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In 1982, The County Board of Supervisors in the city of Milwaukee renamed a park in the Amani Community neighborhood to “Moody Park”, after Calvin C Moody. Moody became one of the first African American’s to earn the title of detective in 1949 and also was a Milwaukee Police Officer for 25 years. After his law enforcement career ended, he wore many other hats becoming the Director of the Northside YMCA, a Milwaukee County Supervisor, and also served as a board member of the NAACP.  

Located near 22nd and Burleigh, Moody Park has historically been a place where the Amani neighborhood Community has come together; whether that be for basketball tournaments, cookouts, or events put on by local neighborhood groups. However, over the past few years the park has also seen its share of hard times. According to the Milwaukee Police department, the park experienced a rise in fights breaking out in the summer of 2019,  which in turn caused  an upsurge in the police presence needed there. 

Then on August 25th, 2019, 20-year-old Quanita “Tay” Jackson was innocently shot and killed in Moody Park.  This occurred just one day after she  played a key role in organizing a basketball tournament at the park, in coordination with  Program the Parks MKE,  which is a youth programming initiative that creates events targeted towards children in an effort to promote peace.

It is within this context that we have joined with the community to Activate the courts at Moody Park.

Art Fu Yung photo

Meet Art Fu Yung

Jamahl Turner - Artist of Moody Park Project

“This is an opportunity to influence Milwaukee youth, to teach Milwaukee youth mental health awareness,” said Turner. “To teach them about manifestations-to tap in and shift their paradigm. By shifting their mindset they can truly become greatness. They don’t have to be victims of their surroundings. I don’t want them to feel like they’re stuck anymore.”



Court Activated

Drone Photography by Charlie Martinez @Deftony83

Moody Park Community Activator
Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown is a 2nd generation Milwaukee native who has been living in the city for nearly 48 years. 

Brown, who prefers to be called Ms. Elizabeth,  lives just 2 blocks from Moody park and is well known in the community for always having an open door and being willing to help wherever,  and whomever she can. 

“My house is pretty much the house that everyone comes to,” she said. “Everybody calls me to help with this or that; I took part in assisting/raising a lot of children (in the community).”

In 2018 she began volunteering with the Children’s Outing Association Youth and Family Center Program. It was during this time that she was convinced to run for Chairperson of Moody Park, a position she won, and  has now held for 3 years.

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Project Video

Official Moody Park Project Promo Video – Videographer Cory Cifax

Moody Park Community Activator
barbara thomas

Her mother, Barbara Thomas, recalls her daughter’s devotion to helping others; whether that involved walking her friends all the way downtown to assist them with filling out job applications, or skipping a meal to ensure she made it to a community event on time, including the ones she performed in as an artist. 

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Moody Park Community Activator
Vaun Mayes

The decision to move Program the Parks to Moody Park crossed the paths of Mayes and a young activist in her own right,  Quanita “Tay” Jackson for the very first time. 

What would ensue is a relationship and bond that would grow between the two as they both shared the same goal of bringing peace to Moody Park. 

“Tay was one of those ones that came up to us and was like “who are y’all, what is this?” said Mayes referencing the first time Program the Parks arrived at Moody.  “She instantly wanted to be a part of it and help. Which is kind of unusual; usually we have to build relationships, but she instantly was like “yeah I want to be a part of this.”

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Al Jarreau Park 2023

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